The Audiopass comes as a result of 30 years of experience, public observation and of constant research in the audio guide field. The audiopass+® is the newest version of the awarded Audiopass currently disposed in 110 European museums. 


The Audiopass+ looks like a mobile phone by its handling and its design. 

  • The keypad : Backlit keypad, marked with picot for sight-impaired.
  • Play function button : (PLAY/PAUSE, STOP, RWD, FWD) with a large and green PLAY/PAUSE button (more identifiable).
  • A large color screen : Displays useful informations such as battery level, selected language, and title of current listening.
  • Volume control: Two side buttons  ( + and - ) on the right of the device, wrapped in a round bump.
  • Blue button : direct acces to the extensive coments.


The Audiopass+ is easy to use and works in three ways :

  • Random mode : by entering a number and validating with the green (play) button.
  • Sequenced mode : the number of the following comment is automatically displayed at the end of the comment in progress. All the visitor has to do isto press the green (play) button when he is ready.
  • Automatic mode : Avoirds all intervention from visitors, comments start automatically (possibility to synchronize the Audiopass with other audiovisual devices).