L'audiopass+ and its accessories


1.Language selection device



The language selection device will program the audioguide with the correct language in just a few seconds. The machine also records data statistics on the number of visitors and their nationality. 

2. RFID alarm system

About the size of a credit card, the RFID tag ensures the safety of the audioguide park. The system is extremely easy to set up and runs on 5 year battery life

3. Video synchronization system with IR technology


The audiopass+ can be synchronized the other audiovisual equipments included in the senography. Sycomore will be in charge of installing the IR transmistteurs. 

4.A charging rack directly integrated in the site's furniture   


The storage rack may be incorporated into various types of furniture.


5. Software program to update the device's content 


The software enables the site's staff to have access to the audioguide's content and comments.  The staff can also up date it the contents by adding new comments for example. The process is simple: they connect a storage rack to a PC via USB connection (free).