The Audiopass comes as the results of 30 years of observation and understanding of visitor behaviour. The Audiopass is a classic yet innovative audioguide.

It has all the physical characteristics of the traditional audioguide but it is also equipped with the latest technologies.

A robust, ergonomic and user-friendly solution

Audio video player

Good sound and picture quality

Comment triggering

Automatic or manuel
via Beacons

Audio video synchronization

Infrared synchronization system

Statistical surveys

Quantitative and qualitative

Built-in antitheft system

Via RFID technology

Handicap accessibility

Hearing & visually impaired

An easily operated and complete audioguided system


  • 13,5 Height x 6,5 Width x 2,5 Thickness 130 g
  • Weight 130g
  • Plastic casing ABS/PC shockproof, waterproof, fireproof
  • Comment triggering by keypad number or automatically :RFID or infrared
  • Memory : 2 GB (expandable to 4 GB)
  • Sound : MP3 stereo - Dual output for earphones
  • 2 inch colored blacklit screen
  • keyboard for sight impaired
  • Volume control buttons
  • Special buttons: play, stop, rewind, forward
  • Battery / Autonomy: Lithium-ion, 12 hours in continuous use


The Audiopass from sycomore quickly demonstrated its maneuverability and ease of use but also its adapatability to our different monuments. The high autonomy of Audiopass batteries allows our teams in charge of the audioguides to distribute them in total confidence.
Annabelle Lauvray
Département des publics - Centre des monuments nationaux

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